Listen now and the sea will tell the tale of a treasured place called Lido Bay. It is here where the water glistens at night under a mesmerizing moon. It is here where it all began, where Dave Armstrong, a wine lover and self-proclaimed aficionado, had mutiny on his mind. Long immersed in the fine art of imbibing good wine, he had started to notice that wines were sporadic in flavor, density and drinkability. A dilemma to be sure. Enter: the idea. While sipping a Rhone-style wine one fateful evening, an announcement was made.


He would make wine. Always drinkable, excessively elegant, intriguing and beguiling. Like a beautiful woman, these wines would tease any palette. They would become individual treasures, bounties that could be given or taken to anyone anywhere. Armstrong had one rule: Each had to be something he himself would drink.  


The year was twenty oh eight. A cast of mates was gathered, the best in the business. The Lido Bay mercenaries soon set sail to a land further south, near Paso Robles, Lodi and the famed Santa Barbara. Swashbuckling their way through vines heavy with grapes, selections were made based on fullness, ripeness and flavor, always flavor. They harvested the varietals needed, fermented each according to desire, and aged them to be bottled and labeled provocatively. Inhibitions were shed.  


The year was twenty eleven. Soon the plank extended, corkscrews appeared and twelve velvety wines and three sparkling booties began to pour.  


...Seven Seas. Crisp and golden, treasures all in sexy, silky, luscious whites.

...Mercenary. Inky and dark reds, like hired guns masquerading as gentlemen and gentlewomen.

...Bitch Tongue. For the mouth that’s ready for fruit-drenched reds and the tongue that’s ready for everything else.

...Mutiny. A message in a most recognizable bottle, pouring red. It's defiance at its most delicious.

...Reveler's. Juicy reds and crisp whites summoning the unchartered pleasures just waiting to be discovered.

...Booty. Grand Cuvées ripe with flavor, begging you to share thy bubbly, show thy Booty.  


Now the Lido Bay ship is sailing the world over, docking in exotic ports of call, inviting noblemen and women alike to come aboard, into the lair, to revel in the serious fun of drinking only the very best wine.  


From the decks of Lido Bay, one treasure emerged. It is bold, daring, awash in seduction. Dare to step aboard Lido Bay where the booty of rich, liquid desire knows no boundaries.  


What lies ahead?   Only the sea will tell.




Privateer Dave Armstrong, Founder




A committed reveler of the good life, Dave Armstrong fell in love with the wine lifestyle early on. Seeing his Lido Bay label come to fruition is a dream come true for the spirited entrepreneur, who shares, "I love the hospitality surrounding wine, going to the wine country and enjoying friends, great moments and memories that are branded in my mind forever. It's always fun, it's always new, and it's always decadent."








Our Mission

Lido Bay produces deliciously provocative wines that capture, embrace and enhance the pleasurable possibilities of the wine lifestyle. Simply put, we want our customers to be consumed with Lido Bay. Hook, wine and sinker.