Articles of Armstrong

11 May, 2012

Dare to step aboard the Lido Bay? Then you better learn the code of the sea. Even pirates have some manners, at least when it comes to rich liquid booty.

I. The proper crewmate will stowaway the booty at a bone chilling 57 degrees for reds, 48 degrees for whites.

II. Uncork the provision at precisely the right moment: One hour before swill time for reds while whites are to be guzzled immediately.

III. That every Captain shall pour the wine in an appropriate manner, into the center of the goblet so as to allow her aromas to permeate upwards.

IV. Size is always important. Serve reds in wide rimmed goblets, narrow rims for whites.

V. That all members appreciate the exotic nuances and subtleties of the wine crafted, or walk the plank.

VI. That every consumer of Lido Bay live by one article at all times: "Thick as Thieves."

VII. Please enjoy. Semi-responsibly.


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