Revelers 2016 Merlot

With ruby red looks that could kill with a single sip, our Revelers 2016 Merlot is elegance in a glass! Intoxicating aromas of ripe black cherries, strawberries and currant tickle the tongue while toasty oak, chocolate and vanilla tease the taste buds into liquid submission. A Reveler’s delight!


TECH NOTES: The grapes for this wine come from E2 Vineyards, located within the heart of the Lodi Appellation. Although the vineyard was first planted in 1981 as Tokay Grapes, with the emergence of the Merlot grape gaining appeal, the fertile soil was deemed highly suitable for the this variety's growth. Thus, in 1993, the vines were cut down leaving a 24–30" trunk where the Merlots were grafted. This has created a phenomenal grape. At bottling, we blended in 7% Petite Sirah and 8% Syrah to elevate the fruit, resulting in a wine that is elegant and smooth yet rich.


VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 85% Merlot, 7% Petite Sirah, 8% Syrah
HARVEST BRIX/ALCOHOL:  23 degrees, 13.9%
TOTAL ACIDITY AND PH:  .61g/100 ml, 3.36